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A Audi Helicópteros é uma empresa especializada na assessoria de compra e venda de aeronaves novas e seminovas. E, somos o distribuidor exclusivo e oficial da Robinson Helicopter Company no país desde 1986.
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Helicóptero Robinson R44 Raven II ano 2010

Fabricante: Robinson Helicopter Company
R44 Raven II
Motor: Lycoming IO-540
Ano: 2010
Horas Totais: 1.200 horas
Referência: 1180


Interior: Assentos em couro (Marrom)
Exterior: Amarelo


• Ar Condicionado
• Painel com 7 posições
• Garmin GNS 430 GPS/VHF/VOR
• Altímetro Mbars A613
• Vertical speed 7000
• Relógio digital A064
• Giro Horizonte
• Avionic cooling blower
• Transponder GTX 327
• Intercom NAT

Bell 407 – (Ref: 4037)

Fabricante: Bell
Motor: Monomotor
Ano: 1997
Horas Totais: 4.702 horas
Referência: 4037


Exterior: Pintura metálica ( Preto com faixa dourada e prata )
Interior: Bancos em Couro ( Em tom bege )


• Ar condicionado
• Bancos em couro
• Dvd
• Freio Rotor
• Fones Bose
• Duplo Comando

Agusta A109S Grand – (Ref: 4050)

Fabricante: AgustaWestland
A109S Grand
Motor: ..
Ano: 2011
Horas Totais: 980 horas
Referência: 4050


Exterior: Pintura Metálica ( Azul e branco com faixa dourada )
Interior: VIP Assentos em Couro ( Bege e Preto )


Equipamentos Opcionais:
 Radar RDR 2000
 Degrau Elétrico p/ passageeiro
 Tanques auxiliares de combustível p/ maior autonomia (totalizando 213 galões)
 Interior VIP de 6 Lugares c/ acabamento em couro
 TCAS Skywatch 497, BF Goodrich
 Bagageiro Extendido (2.3 metros)
 Pintura Metálica

Robinson R44 Raven II ano 2014

Fabricante: Robinson Helicopter Company
R44 Raven II
Motor: Lycoming IO-540
Ano: 2014
Horas Totais: 280 horas
Referência: 1092


Interior: Assentos em couro (Bege)
Exterior: Prata


• Ar-Condicionado
• Relógio Digital
• Transponder Garmin GTX 327
• Bússola Vertical
• Garmin GNS 430
• King KY 196A

Robinson R44 Raven II ano 2014

Fabricante: Robinson Helicopter Company
R44 Raven II
Motor: Lycoming IO-540
Ano: 2014
Horas Totais: 140 horas
Referência: 1094


Interior: Assentos em tecido (Cinza)
Exterior: Branco


• Garmin GTN750
• EFD1000H PFD
• GTX 330
• GMA 350H
• GTR225
• Fones Boss c/ interface BT
• Ar Condicionado
• Vidros bolha

Helicóptero Esquilo AS350 B2 ano 2008

Fabricante: Helibras
Esquilo AS350 B2
Motor: Monomotor
Ano: 2008
Horas Totais: 908 horas
Referência: 4115


Exterior: Pintura metálica ( Branco, com faixa vermelha e verde )
Interior: VIP, Bancos em Couro ( Em tom bege )


• Configuração Vip
• Ar Condicionado
• ADF King KR-87
• Garmin GNS-430 & King KX-165A
• Garmin GNS-430 & Bendix/King KMD-150 w/moving map
• HSI Bendix/King KI-525A
• TCAS Ryan 9900
• Transponder Garmin GTX-327
• Garmin GMA-340 audio panel
• ELT 406 MHZ

Agusta A109Power Elite – (Ref: 4029)

Fabricante: AgustaWestland
A109Power Elite
Motor: ..
Ano: 2003
Horas Totais: 1.620 horas
Referência: 4029


Exterior: Pintura Metálica ( Cinza escuro, com prata e faixas na cor vermelha )
Interior: Custom Executive Interior of Gray Leather to Include “PAULSTRA” Soundproofing System with VVIP 3 Seats Aft Facing Bench with See-Through Armrest and Lower Cooled Cabinet and 3 VVIP Forward Facing Seats with Central Armrest. Covered Liners are in Matching Leatherette with Co Coordinated VIP Pilot & Co-Pilot Seats with Headrests;


Equipamentos Opcionais:
 Dual Controls
 Pilot/Co-Pilot Windshield Wipers
 Main Transmission Vibration Dampers
 Wiper Switch on Cyclic Grip
 Co-Pilot’s Instruments
 “Paulstra” Soundproofing
 Baggage Compartment Cover Extension
 Pilot Multipurpose Holder / Console Tray
 Locking Fuel Filler Cap
 214 US Gallon Fuel System
 Rotor Brake
 Retractable Landing Light
 Engine Compartment Fire Extinguishers
 Electrically Operated Passenger Step
 MP3 CD Player/Ipod Connection -Heavy Duty Battery
 Pulsed Chip Detectors
 Rotor Blade Tie Downs & Wheel Chocks
 ECU (Heating & Air Conditioning)


Aviônicos / Rádios:
 Honeywell SP-711 3-Axis Duplex Autopilot
 Dual Collins VHF-22A VHF Coms
 Dual Collins VIR-32 VHF Navs
 Collins TDR-90 Transponder w/ Mode C
 Trimble 2101 I/O GPS Nav
 Collins ADF-60 ADF
 Rogerson Kratos Pilot/Co-Pilot LCD
 Avionics Master Switch/Ground Function
 Collins DME 42
 Honeywell FZ-702Flight Director w/ Auto-Trim
 Standby Attitude Indicator
 Honeywell C-14 Slaved Compass -System
 Honeywell RDR-2000 WX Radar
 Artex ELT
 Honeywell AA300 Radio Altimeter
 Dual AC Inverters
 Bendix King – Moving Map
 Honeywell C-14 Slaved Compass System
 NAT Intercom System
 6 Bose X ANR Headsets
 Pilot & Co-Pilot EFIS on Command Switch

Agusta A109S Grand – (Ref: 4001)

Fabricante: AgustaWestland
A109S Grand
Motor: ..
Ano: 2009
Horas Totais: 1.100 horas
Referência: 4001


Exterior: Pintura Metálica ( Preto com faixas prata )
Interior: VIP Assentos em Couro ( Preto )


Equipamentos Opcionais:
 Single Pilot IFR
 Dual Vertical Gyros
 02 Garmin GNS-530W and GNS430W
 FZ-702 Flight Director
 TAS Displayed ON 530/550
 3 Axis AFCS SP711 Honeywell
 Bendix KT-73 Mode S Transponder
 KMR-675 Marker Beacon
 AA330 Radio Altimiter
 KMD-550 Moving Map
 C14 Gyrocompass
 DME Bendix KDM-706A
 ADF Bendix KR-87
 Additional Equipment
 Dual controls.
 Sand filter.
 Air Conditioning & Heater.
 Crew door open actuator.
 Retractable landing gear.
 High Intensity Stroke Lights.
 Rotor Brake.
 Chip Detector.
 Baggage area extension.
 Windshield Wipers.
 Airframe hour meter.
 Float system provisions.
 Carbon Fiber details.
 Shoulder Harness all seats
 Sliding Cabin doors
 Passive vibration absorber
 213 Gallon Fuel System
 RH Electric boarding step
 C406-2 ELT
 Tinted dual Inner Windows
 Pulselite System
 Emergency Locator Transmitter
 Passenger Sliding Doors
 Environmental Control System
 02 Engine Compartment Fire Extinguishers

Agusta A109C – (Ref: 4040)

Fabricante: AgustaWestland
Motor: 02 Allison 250-C20R-1
Ano: 1996
Horas Totais: 2.248 horas
Referência: 4040


Exterior: Pintura Metálica ( Cinza chumbo com faixa Prata  )
Interior: VIP Assentos em Couro ( Cinza )


Equipamentos Opcionais:
 Ar Condicionado ECS
 Dual Control
 Windshield Wiper (Pilot/Co-Pilot)
 Weather Radar
 Baggage Compartment Extender
 Retractable Landing Light
 Single Pilot IFR Certified
 Hot Kit
 AFCS 3 Axis Duplex Autopilot
 VIP Leather Interior
 GPS Garmin 430
 Radar RDR 2000 Color
 Searching Light
 Dual EHSI
 Dual ADI
 VHF Nav (2)
 VHF Comm (2)
 Radio Altimeter

Helicóptero Robinson R44 Raven II ano 2015

Fabricante: Robinson Helicopter Company
R44 Raven II
Motor: Lycoming IO-540
Ano: 2015
Horas Totais: 320 horas
Referência: 1150


Interior: Assentos em couro (Bege)
Exterior: Preto metálico


• Hydraulic power controls
• RPM throttle governor
• Throttle correlator
• Main and auxiliary crashworthy fuel bladder tanks
• Engine oil filter and quick drain
• Engine muffler
• Cabin heater and defogger
• Carbon monoxide detector
• Rotor brake
• Intercom switches
• Avionics master switch
• Tinted windows
• Fabric velour seats
• 3-point shoulder harnesses
• Pilot-side adjustable pedals
• Door locks
• Sound damping headliner
• Underseat storage
• Belly hardpoint
• LED anti-collision and navigation lights
• Dual HID landing lights
• LED panel and map lights
• Tow cart adapter
• Ground handling wheels
• Rotor blade tie downs
• Windshield cover
• Travel bag
• Air conditioning
• Bracket for fire extinguisher
• Heated pitot tube
• Metallized upper sheave
• Chart View Enablement Cards (G500H and GTN650/750)
• PFD, Aspen Avionics EFD1000H Pro with HSI (requires GPS)
• Turn and bank
• Garmin GTX 327 Transponder
• Garmin GTR 225B COM Radio
• Garmin GMA 350Hc Audio Panel